Floating Licence release

I’ve recently purchased a DevOps licence.

We were previously running Katalon in a docker-containers as required on our own internal GitlabRunner VMs in the office. I’ve limited this to a single runner - and also purchased a DevOps licence (as it’s easier to manage a docker instance of Katalon, than install it into a general purpose server. It would appear that this docker-container gets it’s own ‘machine id’ within Katalon’s licencing system. So far so good.

However - the ‘floating’ node licences seem to be locked to that machine-id for at least an hour. Even if the container is destroyed. This prevents the next docker-container creation and run of Katalon…

Am I missing a ‘deactivate licence’ step at the end of my docker-run of Katalon? Shouldn’t it hand back the licence once it’s complete?

Yours, hopefully,

Hi @craig.fisher

When an execution is finished the license will be automatically released. In the case that an execution fails abruptly, you can go to TestOps, Organization > Licenses > Floating Runtime Engine and remove the current machine Id, then you’d be able to use the DevOps license for the next execution.


When i looked up the same issue this is the first thread that i found but it’s outdated.
Starting from version 8.0.0 you can do it from the command line
see : console-mode-execution

Im on version 7.8.2 so unable to use the -licenseRelease flag - is there any other way to remove the machine ID (ideally using the command line)?