Feedback Friday 29 Jul 2022

Hi Russ, sorry for the late reply.

I already send the link to this post to Discourse. Would you mind telling us what are the other sites that are having the same problem?

Cheers :+1:

The only public one is but I’m finding it difficult to force it to happen using the steps above.

Here ya go…

The bug is exactly the same, 100% repeatable.

Hi Russ,

Could you help me to confirm whether the log out bug is reproducible when using the browser’s incognito/private window? Thanks!

Aren’t you getting tired of this three-way conversation?

Me → you → Discourse → you → me → you → Discourse …

Anyway, it’s the same in a private window.

The problem resides in the topics/timings API.
The user MUST be logged in.
The user MUST be viewing an animated GIF in another tab.

If the user is not logged in, it appears the timings API is not called and the bug does not appear.

I’m perplexed they haven’t provided a fix for this given the wealth of debugging info provided to them :confused: