"F5" Step Into key : While debugging test script , pressing "F5" key throws error


After creating keywords , I called those keywords into testcase

But during execution by debug mode, pressing F5 key doesn’t navigate to that particular method instead throws error “source missing” . Please help me over this issue
Below are screenshots


It called Katalon internal methods before jumping to your Custom Keyword’s source code. I haven’t tried yet but I think it’s possible to skip com.kms.katalon.* packages.


Hi @devalex88,
I have tried , but its not working


Please add a break point in your custom keyword methods (method LogInToApplication of class LogIn) to catch the execution flow then hit F8.


Hi @duyluong,

Yah if I put debug pointer inside custom keywords and by hitting F6 ,I am able to perform the debugging. But my question is about how to use F5 and is there any jar missing to operate F5


Yes, you can. You can manually attach source by:
clicking Attach Source -> select External location -> browse External File… and select the suitable source of jar libraries.


rt.jar is already present . but i want to know why this error is thrown. if i add that jar also it is throwing the error again and again


The rt.jar is a component of bundled JRE in KS. To debug/view Java source you need to download JDK 1.8.0_191 and change default JAVA compiler of KS in Preferences/Java/Installed JREs.



Hi @duyluong

Same issue is repeated . here i am attaching the screenshot