*** Does Step Into(F5) debugging work in Katalon ? ***

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Does Step Into(F5) debugging work in Katalon ???

I have followed the steps mentioned in the below post … But No Luck yet.

Kindly help

Getting the below error when I press F5 in Katalon.

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At least, it hasn’t worked for me. Ever.

And this one really annoys_ me:

In your test case, create a method.
In your method, set a breakpoint.
When the debugger hits that line, it can’t find the code.

@Russ_Thomas Thanks for your reply. Is it a BUG ?

Well I am really surprised why nobody has asked about this very basic feature(Step Into). This has to be addressed with highest priority/severity

@Katalon_Studio team …Thanks for all your efforts. Kindly address this debugging feature.

Yes, of course.

I recall someone mentioned it in the past.

As annoying as it is, I disagree. High priority bugs are those that cause loss of user work/data.

You should file a bug report if you feel so strongly about it. However, I don’t believe Katalon Team can influence a change/fix in this area (but I could be wrong).

May be …:thinking: :smiley:

I have moved it to BUG category.

Debugging is a fundamental feature of any IDE that can’t be compromised.

I would request Katalon Team not to neglect these fundamental functionalities,

Keeping it open with more rant about using F5 and F6
F5 we already know is broken…

About F6… why it insists in going into every leaf of the processing ?
For example in this call with two params…

doMethod( "abc", 1.3 )

When you hit F6, you want to go right into doMethod( String, double) right ? but the dang thing has a mind of its own and wants to go through String creation and then through double and finally to the interesting method.
Yeah, you can sometimes use F7 to return…

I’m sure you all are also annoyed by this so if is there a setting somewhere I’m not aware of to “fix this”, oh please, let me know.

Hi Alex,

Could you provide us with a record video on using F5 and F6, I tested and it worked like a champ.