*** Does Step Into(F5) debugging work in Katalon ? ***

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Does Step Into(F5) debugging work in Katalon ???

I have followed the steps mentioned in the below post … But No Luck yet.

Kindly help

Getting the below error when I press F5 in Katalon.

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At least, it hasn’t worked for me. Ever.

And this one really annoys_ me:

In your test case, create a method.
In your method, set a breakpoint.
When the debugger hits that line, it can’t find the code.

@Russ_Thomas Thanks for your reply. Is it a BUG ?

Well I am really surprised why nobody has asked about this very basic feature(Step Into). This has to be addressed with highest priority/severity

@Katalon_Studio team …Thanks for all your efforts. Kindly address this debugging feature.

Yes, of course.

I recall someone mentioned it in the past.

As annoying as it is, I disagree. High priority bugs are those that cause loss of user work/data.

You should file a bug report if you feel so strongly about it. However, I don’t believe Katalon Team can influence a change/fix in this area (but I could be wrong).

May be …:thinking: :smiley:

I have moved it to BUG category.

Debugging is a fundamental feature of any IDE that can’t be compromised.

I would request Katalon Team not to neglect these fundamental functionalities,