Where can I find DETAILED documentation about Katalon debugging


I’ve been looking for some decent documentation about the debugging module of Katalon Studio. So far I was able to find only very basic documentation of the flow but no real details. Needed to go through posts and articles and still didn’t find a lot. This forum did answer questions of mine, but I’d like to see some sort of A-Z flow. Debugging is obviously a crucial aspect of any kind of coding/scripting and as it seems to me like Katalon takes documentation and tutorials pretty seriously I was surprised to find out the debugging module is poorly documented.
I’d love to find out I’m mistaken.



I’d love to find out I’m mistaken

Your not mistaken, sad to say.

The debugger is very disappointing. It fails to track step-into successfully 99% of the time. The only solution I’ve found is to set all the breakpoints I need, throughout the test source ahead of running the test case – otherwise, it can’t find the source line to step to. That’s a pain point I’d like to see fixed real soon.


Thanks, Russ,

Yeah, debugging might be the most painful aspect of working with Katalon as far as I can tell as a new Katalon user. Being used to working with IDEs and taking advantage of debugging regularly, I was disappointed to find out that basic coding/debugging features are missing, things like jumping to the code line that caused a failure, evaluating **any **valid code expression on the fly, or going to the file location on the tree (object, TC or TS).

Can someone from the Katalon team reply please and describe [a] the debugging feature and [b] the team’s policy and plan for it?
This is a very serious and relevant consideration for us when assessing now the feasibility of using Katalon on the long term and we’d like to the team’s angle on it.

Thanks a lot!