Error when debugging


Im getting this error message when debugging in katalon (Stepping over) and im not sure how to resolve it?



It’s not an actual error, Darren. It’s just what Katalon does when there is no source available. It’s safe to close those empty source windows when they appear.

Any code that is owned by the Studio itself will be wrapped up in a .jar file, which basically contains all of the compiled code (.class files) for the tool (notice that the tab you are on in your screenshot is TestExecutor.class, which is a binary file, not a source file).

Because the source code is not included (usually) in a .jar file, if you are attempting to step into/over any code in these classes, you will get the “Source not found” for that class. As @Russ_Thomas said, this is not an error, and you can safely close that.

But that doesn’t solve your problem right? Stepping through code is a challenge in these cases. The best advice I can offer is to use more breakpoints, and instead of stepping through code, just resume (F8) through them.