Execution of test cases and object spy are not allowed

Good Morning. Today I come with an urgent medium consultation.
It turns out that I find a machine that, although it executes the test case and others, never shows me the execution on the screen.
Only by opening the browser but without going to the steps, which are executed in katalon.
I have updated the chormedriver, the webdrivers and the browser ones, with no results.
It also doesn’t let me do object spy to capture the objects needed for automation tests.
I attach the test that I carry out, I hope you can see it. and if anyone has something to help me thank you very much


I could start the movie and noticed some Error dialog appeared. But the message texts are displayed in very small fonts, just for a few seconds and soon disappeared, in some language other than English. Therefore I do not see what is happening to you at all. If you want people in this forum to help you, please make a bit of efforts to provide us more readable information.

  1. please show the message in text format — not in movie format , not in image format.
  2. in English please.

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Hello @kazurayam
fix the error, but every time I run test cases it opens the configuration screen and I don’t know how to get it out since I click on something and this configuration screen always opens

It is also allowed to execute the cases