Please consider adding the ability for "Spy Web" to be used during test playback

Test scenario: Development adds new object to an “Application Under Test” (AUT), which causes a test case to break.

- The fix is to use “Spy Web” to locate and add the new object to the test case.

- To do this the tester must start “Spy Web” & then manually run all steps to add the new object.

- Depending on the size of the test case this can be very time consuming, (75 of 125 in my case).
Time to complete > 25 mins

Suggestion: Add the ability for “Spy Web” to be started/used during test playback

Tester could do the following:

- Stop the test playback just before the new object using “CTRL + D”

- Start “Spy Web” & add the new object

- Use “Spy Web” to verify the object locators work as expected

- Add the new object & then use “Execute from here…” to complete the test
Time to complete < 5 mins

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This work-around solves my issue: