Cannot use captured objects


I am able to capture objects within the web page I am testing using Spy Web. Once I add these objects to my script and run the script none of the objects can be “Clicked” on nor can i set text or send keys.

Katalon literally reports it cannot perform the commands set within the script. No real reason is given.

any help will be appreciated.


There’s always a log report. If you post it we can usually help. But working blind, I generally fail.

Do you mean the log viewer?

The Log Viewer and Console are only 1 area that you can see information about your test run. There are also several different types of Reports, although on my version of KS, I have to be running a Test Suite for the reports to be created. I personally like the JUnit_Report to review my test scripts–search for “Warning”.
For the Console, if it doesn’t have your whole test script, you will have to give more memory for it in Preferences. I also use CTRL + A, CTRL + C, and into a session of Notepad, CTRL + V to view the items in red.