Execute Test suit using Azure Pipeline through TestOps CI command

Hi ,
I have created Azure pipeline to Execute Test suit.
I am using TestOps CI command in command argument.
When pipeline runs then Execution of Katalon studio task failed due to authentication error. I have KSE per user License
Is It require Katalon run time engine license for Testops/Testcloud?
If not required then Please provide me valid command argument or which I missed here.


Yes , you need a separate KRE (Runtime engine) license to run your tests via CLI and/or for CI/CD


Can you provide me documentation for Azure pipeline - Katalon test suit execution?

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Hi @Monty_Bagati ,
When I am executing locally in my system , Test suit executed with CLI.
Here I downloaded KRE and unzip in system locally.
When I am going to run pipeline after selecting “Chrome” , Its working in Local

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Is this a question or a statement ? Do you still have any doubts on this ?

Hi @Monty_Bagati ,
Now I have KRE(floating) license. But still error in pipeline is

"TestCloud: Unexpected response, URL: https://api.katalon.com/v1/auth/login, Status: 401, Response: {“errors”:}

com.kms.katalon.integration.testcloud.exception.TestCloudAPIException: {“errors”:}"

Please give me solution on this

The error message you are encountering suggests that there is an issue with the authentication accessing the Test Cloud.

Could you please check if you are using the correct API key or credentials to access the katalon test cloud API

Yes, API key is same as in Katalon account.

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Are you trying to run it on Katalons Test Cloud.

Yes, I am trying it in Test Cloud. but when I run in local system, It works and executed test suit using test cloud through CLI of local machine. When I am trying to do in Azure pipeline It didn’t work showing authentication error

You need to have a separate test cloud license and hence it is failing

Which test cloud license ?
And When I am trying with chrome browser , error showing of session not created
“Caused by: org.openqa.selenium.SessionNotCreatedException: session not created: This version of ChromeDriver only supports Chrome version 114 Current browser version is 117.0.5938.89 with binary path C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe”

How to resolve this problem? I have used here auto update driver command also

Have you purchased a separate test cloud license to execute testSuite?

Kse needs license
Kre needs license
Katalons test cloud needs license

I have KSE per user license, TestCloud 2 sessions and KRE floating license