Is KRE license is required to run a Katalon script in Azure Devops

Hi team,
We already had a azure devops license and we are maintaing katalon script(web testing) in azure repositary
So with the help of Azure DevOps Extension( Execute Katalon Studio Tests)
can we trigger a katalon scripts in pipeline without KRE license?

You might want to look into Katalon Runtime Engine, which is needed to run commands (which can run parameterized tests). Katalon Studio Enterprise and Katalon Runtime Engine are two different products, the latter being the one needed to execute tests in CLI, CI/CD, Docker, etc. Introduction to Runtime Engine | Katalon Docs

Below are the question i need a solution from you.
1.Katalon KRE license is required to trigger katalon script in Azure DevOps?
2. katalon for azure devops(Execute Katalon Studio Tests) Is this azure plugin/Extention is not free?
3.Under Azure devops license,katalon for azure devops plugin is not free of cost?

KRE license is required to run whatever tests on whatever hosts, either by using KRE native installed or a Docker image on the executor.
The only thing Azure Devops will do is to trigger whatever script on whatever host.

Azure Devops is a Microsoft cloud service, have nothing to do with any Katalon cloud services.
Such can be used together, the Katalon plugin for Azure Devops is free as far as i know, but is not enough.
The plugin only provides connectivity between the two services.

If you insist on this to be your relevant question the answer is YES.
You can trigger whatever you like from Azure Devops without a Katalon license.
If the trigger actually launches and run what you expect, is a different story.

@bionel You can trigger whatever you like from Azure Devops without a Katalon license mean Could you pls share your views on below mentioned issue.

I’m not able to trigger katalon Script in azure repositary

I followed same steps mentioned in below URL

How to run Katalon scripts with Azure DevOps? (

Getting below mentioned console log

2022-08-05T13:18:01.4030862Z INFO: Your environment is compatible with the Katalon Runtime Engine FLOATING license.
2022-08-05T13:18:01.4123642Z Activating…
2022-08-05T13:18:01.4155420Z Start activating offline…
2022-08-05T13:18:01.4160613Z Search for valid offline licenses in folder: /home/vsts/.katalon/license
2022-08-05T13:18:01.4197824Z The number of valid offline licenses: 0
2022-08-05T13:18:01.4203183Z Offline activation failed.
2022-08-05T13:18:01.4204005Z Start activating online…
2022-08-05T13:18:02.2274839Z API key or machine ID is blank.
2022-08-05T13:18:02.2286078Z Online activation for console mode failed.
2022-08-05T13:18:02.2286847Z Activation failed. Please make sure you are using a valid license.
2022-08-05T13:18:02.4833007Z All launchers terminated
2022-08-05T13:18:02.7198092Z Exit code: 3.
2022-08-05T13:18:02.7198825Z Exit code 3.
2022-08-05T13:18:02.7804106Z ##[section]Finishing: katalonTask

YML file


  • master

vmImage: ubuntu-18.04


  • task: katalonTask@1
    version: ‘8.0.5’
    executeArgs: ‘-browserType=“Chrome” -retry=0 -statusDelay=15 -testSuitePath=“Test Suites/Login”’

i will not share any additional view.
I said you can trigger whatever you like. I never said will work
kindly do your homework’s

@bionel,Thanks for the comments.
Are you from Katalon Team?