Licence KRE to run tests over Azure devops pipeline

Hi all,

I tried to explore the tool to decide whether the tool is useful in case of automated GUI testing for our company or not. So, I have two questions.

  1. In Azure repo, each repository has its own test suite containing more than one test cases and its deployment process. It means that each test suite is belonging to each project repository. When I trigger a pipeline owned to related repository, after completing it, trigger another pipeline of the another repository to run another test suite so pipeline runs in sequential, does only one Runtime Engine licence meet my requirement ? Will I face with any problems ?

  2. I have a test suite collection containing same test suite with 3 browser type in demo account. When I run this TSC at local, I can see result based on 3 browser at TestOps. When I integrate this scenario (both sequential and parallel execution) to Azure Devops and trigger test via Azure pipeline, only default browser test suite run and its result was shown at TestOps. What is the difference between local and Azure integration ? Should I have floating licence to run TSC at Azure ?