How to use Katalon locally without using TestOps

Dear Experts,

i have recently created account in katalon and have created test cases using katalon test studio. i would like to run these test cases via katalonc.exe by passing the required parameters.
i understand that katalonc.exe need to validate my license for studio and runtime, based on which tests should run on the machine. while the tests need begin to run, i see an automated url is generated I assume this is looking for a project created – which is used to push the test results from local to online. but i have not created any project as of now in i wont like to publish the results to online. how can we restrict the report upload and only generate the test results file locally.

Any suggestion and options is highly appreciated.

In Project > Settings > KatalonTestOps, you can toggle “Enable Katalon TestOps Integration” off. If you have the option off, the report will not be uploaded.

This post was titled as “Need to know the significance of project id”. But this seems to be not what you wanted to ask. Could you change the title to something more appropriate?

HI kazurayam,

we have not project in testops, we have not integrated this in the studio IDE. but still i can see the url in the execution log

That is correct behavior. There is a conversation that takes place to ensure your license is valid.

hi Russ,
i believe the license activation should happen at organization level, it should not look at project and its id, when that is not created at all in testops.


  1. I’m not able to see the exact nature of license checking code – for obvious reasons.

  2. What you or I might think is unnecessary is not a consideration for a security protocol.

That said, perhaps one of the devs can enlighten us more:

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I want to understand more clearly what you are talking about. Could you copy&paste the log where you find “an automated url”.