Reports are not uploading to Katalon Testos from Azure DevOps pipeline

  • Katalon Studio Version: 7.9.1
  • OS Version: Windows 10
  • Browser Version: Version 89.0.4389.82 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Configure DevOps pipeline to execute katalon scripts

  2. Run the DevOps pipeline

Expected behavior: Reports should upload to Katalon TestOps

Actual result: Reports ae not uploaded to Katalon TestOps



Hi guys,

I have the same issue. When I run the pipeline in azure devOps, it runs successfully. However, in the logs there is no mention that the report has been uploaded to Azure DevOps. And when I check my test plan in the test results history, i do not see the results. I have followed the integration with Katalon and Azure DevOps document. Please help.

I am experiencing the same issue. I think the reports only show in TestOps when a test is run through katalon studio or when the tests are kicked off via TestOps itself. I have DevOps kick off the scripts as part of the release steps and they are run via the katalon runtime engine. For whatever reason the reports do not get automatically uploaded if the test is run from the runtime engine.

Any news on this topic, I too need to have the test results on Katalon TestOps after the tests run on the azure pipeline.

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It worked using this approach - added this code on the yaml file.

#Send report to TestOps
- task: PowerShell@2
targetType: ‘inline’
script: |
$client = new-object System.Net.WebClient
$client.DownloadFile(“”, “katalon-report-uploader-0.0.8.jar”)
java -jar katalon-report-uploader-0.0.8.jar --projectId=65612 --path=Reports --password=$(KatalonKey) --type=junit

This isn’t working as expected, when running a collection the profiles are not showing…

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Hi @janete.m,

Thank you for sharing the solution to our community. Happy testing!