[error] Cannot read property 'getCommandHandler' of undefined

The following error occurred while writing a script by manually entering a command.How should solve?Thank you for answering!

Your code worked for me

You could try using storeValue

storeValue | id=su | btnValue |

I had same issue but it’s something in Katalon it self I think. From my observation another command with same keyword “store” won’t work as well. Sometimes when I have some trouble with command not working saving testcase and reload extension can help.


Hi @Piotr @Mark_Gibson ,
Any update on the “store” command? I have also encountered the same error whenever using any store command.

[error] Cannot read property ‘getCommandHandler’ of undefined

Thank you,
Chelle :slight_smile:

I had to re install the chrome extension katalon recorder, 1. remove from chrome, 2. add to chrome
now works like a charm…