Verifying errors

Whenever I run a test for a simple test case and try to verify/assert any text or elements or anything on the page it gives me the error below and the test fails when I try to do any type of verification
[error] Cannot read property ‘getCommandHandler’ of undefined

I had the same issue few times. Saving test suites, closing them and restarting KAR helped in my case. Maybe one time it wasn’t enough so i removed KAR from chrome (yes, I know it’s a sin :smiley: ) and i intall it again and that solved the problem.

I am also getting this error since the latest update of recorder (3.7.0). This is occurring on ‘waitForElementPresent’ & ‘waitForVisible’ commands. I’ve ran into this error in the past and were typically on Verify or store commands - in those cases, re-executing or restarting extension resolves the issue - not anymore.
I’ve tried closing/reopening both the suite and extension. Also removed and re-added the extension, closed/reopened Chrome and still fails on the same steps - occasionally proceeding past one command only to fail on the next ‘wait’

Log extract:

[info] Executing: | clickAndWait | id=lnkManageStaffMember | |

[info] Executing: | waitForElementPresent | css=#ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_btn_search | |

[error] Cannot read property ‘getCommandHandler’ of undefined

Running on Windows 7 - Chrome version = 73.0.3683.75

Any Ideas on how to get past this issue?

Cheers :slight_smile:

I had this issue again and it was because of Extension Script i added. I had two js files in this tab and after I remove both of them it start to work normaly. In my case “storeXpathCount” didn’t work.