Do I need both KSE and Runtime

I am looking to create scripts and have the ability to use debug mode (so I know I need to now purchase KSE) but we want to integrate with Bamboo and be able to run scripts nightly with the builds. Does that mean I have to but the Katalon RunTime Engine as well?


Yes, you would need to have Runtime Engine in order to execute your tests without the GUI.

Hi @ThanhTo ,

Could you please provide clarification if Katalon Studio < 7.0 Versions will keep working as they are today? Also, if we download Katalon 7.0 and don’t want the Enterprise edition then will we able to use it?


@parul.dang During the initial release of Katalon Enterprise it was confirmed by Katalon team that KS < 7.0 Will continue to work till April 2020 but there will be no support to them in terms of fixes.

Else you can always use KS > 7.0 ( Non Enterprise version ) which is free but with certain limitations.