Need help installing and running new runtime engine (KRE) with Bamboo

we paid for the runtime engine and now i need to figure out how to install it so that it can run scripts using bamboo on the nightly build process.

i dont know if i need to install the runtime engine on the machine where bamboo is or on my local machine. we got the floating license.

is there anyone out there that could help me figure out how to do this or point me to specific UPDATED documentation with concern to katalon RE and bamboo?


You have to install katalon (and to activate it if the licence is offline) on the bamboo agent where your test is supossed to run. Talk with your devop guy to help you

we got the floating license. does that have any impact on anything?

do i need to have KSE installed out on the bamboo agent as well?

You have to install the runtime on the agent only. That is the machine which will actualy run your project

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This might help :

ok, i will talk to my devop guy about this. once i get this done, then i will be able to schedule test runs in bamboo using this correct? (btw, thank you very much for replying and helping me out)

@ddicocco in theory yes.
But you have to understand that can be lot of set-ups behind bamboo.
So a devop guy can figure out where the actual execution will land.
The page you see usualy is the one where you just set-up the pipelines, but may be lot of layers under the hood