Is there any relation b/w Katalon studio and Katalon runtime engine?

Is there any relation b/w Katalon studio and Katalon runtime engine? We used to automate our webapplication using katalon studio and for devops(pipeline) purpose we using licensed Kataon run time engine. Now, we don’t need run our automation using pipeline so disabling KRE license. So just want to know, can we still continue automating our web application and enhance our scripts? Or without KRE license, its not possible?

Yes, there is a relation between Katalon Studio and Katalon Runtime Engine.

Katalon Studio (KS) is a tool that provides free, basic tools suitable for individuals’ testing needs, while Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE) is a more advanced business solution with additional features source (Katalon Studio Enterprise per-user license | Katalon Docs).

Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE) is the test execution add-on of Katalon Studio, which allows you to execute automation tests in CLI mode and is useful for integrating with CI/CD pipelines source (Katalon Runtime Engine overview | Katalon Docs).

If you don’t need to run your automation using a pipeline and disable the KRE license, you can still continue automating your web application and enhance your scripts using Katalon Studio or Katalon Studio Enterprise. The KRE license is specifically for executing tests in CI/CD pipelines or via the command-line interface (CLI) source (Katalon Runtime Engine floating license | Katalon Docs).

Hope this helps!