Desktop application launches with multiple screens

I have a desktop applications which opens multiple pages on launch. How to capture the final page where in I can login to the application.I tried switch to windows title however it did not work.

Hi Namita @namita.bolia, thank for asking. To switch to your desired window, you would need to insert the title of the window you want to switch as a String to the ‘Switch To Window Title’ Test Object. You can see the screenshot below as an example:

Hope that this fixes your problem!

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@chen.lee thanks it worked.
However in screen view of windows recorder I do not see the complete screen. It captures only a part of screen.

Can we switch window on spy screen as I have to capture various elements on the second screen to login to the application?

Hi Namita @namita.bolia, in spy screen you can manually switch between different windows to capture any element you want. After you open the second screen in spy screen, the browser either automatically switch you there or you can just click on that tab on the second screen to be transferred there.

Hope it helps!