Dark theme unreadable


I just applied the dark theme but my scripts are now difficult to read

Is that normal or a bug or a configuration to do…


I have had some issues with dark mode as well (but more interface). I suspect grey on black in some cases may not pass the Accessibility Test Standards for contrast on WCAG 2.0 Stanards (https://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG20/).

Maybe to start with you can mention:

  • Operating System (me: Windows 10 build 1809)
  • Katalon Version (me: 7.5.10)
  • Are you using OS Dark mode (me: Yes)

Examples of hard to read screens:

Manual Test Case

Script Test Case

Data Screen

Test Suite

Test Collection

Systems :

  • Operating System (Windows 10 build 1909)
  • Katalon Version (me: 7.5.5)
  • Are you using OS Dark mode (me: No)

@dylan.campion, @rsramkis

Dark theme for Windows will improve in Katalon Studio v8. You guy can download v8 alpha here:(2020/07/06) Katalon Roadmap and 7.6 Release Candidate (and 8.0.0 Alpha)

@duyluong Thanks for the feedback. I will check it out once it comes to production.

Question, Is your team performing Accessibility testing on your platform for Accessibility WCAG 2.1? I’m asking because I work with teams with visually limited or impaired coders/testers. Thanks.