Dark theme unreadable


I just applied the dark theme but my scripts are now difficult to read

Is that normal or a bug or a configuration to do…


I have had some issues with dark mode as well (but more interface). I suspect grey on black in some cases may not pass the Accessibility Test Standards for contrast on WCAG 2.0 Stanards (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0).

Maybe to start with you can mention:

  • Operating System (me: Windows 10 build 1809)
  • Katalon Version (me: 7.5.10)
  • Are you using OS Dark mode (me: Yes)

Examples of hard to read screens:

Manual Test Case

Script Test Case

Data Screen

Test Suite

Test Collection

Systems :

  • Operating System (Windows 10 build 1909)
  • Katalon Version (me: 7.5.5)
  • Are you using OS Dark mode (me: No)

@dylan.campion, @rsramkis

Dark theme for Windows will improve in Katalon Studio v8. You guy can download v8 alpha here:(2020/07/06) Katalon Roadmap and 7.6 Release Candidate (and 8.0.0 Alpha)

@duyluong Thanks for the feedback. I will check it out once it comes to production.

Question, Is your team performing Accessibility testing on your platform for Accessibility WCAG 2.1? I’m asking because I work with teams with visually limited or impaired coders/testers. Thanks.