New Community General Info Page

Our statement

2022 is the year Katalon commits to building a thriving community - a shared home for global Katalon users and others with testing interests to get mutual support and public knowledge.

Overhauling our forum is one of the major missions of the Katalon Community team: to build and facilitate an indispensable community where people can find the solutions to their issues and offer help to those in need.

When this happens

Updates are scheduled to perform from 11AM to 1PM (ICT) on Jun 29, 2022. Downtime during the updates is expected to be within this aforementioned hours.

The new Katalon Community is live back at 1PM (ICT) on Jun 29, 2022.

How our new forum benefits you

  1. Ease of finding solutions and faster response:
  • Simplified categories
  • Enhanced tag system
  • More visible and effective searching tool
  • More joining top contributors and Katalon experts
  1. Seamless navigation and onboarding for new users:
  • Unified looks and feels across the Katalon platform
  • More guidelines, roadmap, and checkpoints
  • More helpful content and learning hubs


  1. Do I need to do anything?
    No. We take care of the upgrade and changes. However, you could give us your feedback via this survey.

  2. Do I need a new log-in credential for the new forum site?
    No. Your log-in credential remains unchanged on the new forum.

  3. Will the old topics/posts be removed?
    No. We will keep the original version of all previous posts/topics for your future reference.

  4. Is there any downtime during the updates?
    Yes. There will be a short downtime for 2 hours, from 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM (ICT, Vietnam time). After the downtime, the site is expected to function normally again.

  5. Is there any roadmap for this kind of update?
    Yes. We welcome all users’ feedback for a better community forum and its supported functionalities. We will publicly inform all users when any major changes/upgrades are planned to carry out.