Column "Run with" not available in Test Suite Collection?

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I have a problem that the column “Run with” is not available in my Test Suite Collection? I really don’t know why - but I can’t see this column. Maybe there is some setting missing?

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The columns might get hidden on the right. Could you try to resize the column width?

Hi @michael.vils,

The Run with column contains configurable information of WebUI and Mobile only then it is dedicated for Generic project. It will be hidden if you are opening a Web Service project.


Hi @Brian_Ducson

Yes, you are right! This is really difficult to detect but the columns are effectively hidden.

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Hi @duyluong

Your comment was correct too! After I was able to unhide the columns, I could only select “Web Service” as the “Run with” option. Presumably, the columns were hidden because of that.

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Overall solution would be to create a Generic project (instead of a Web Service project) and the columns “Run with” and “Run Configuration” are visible from the beginning.

Bro in Test Suit collection execution Execute button will will run your test cases.
As it has to execute multiple test suits

@michael.vils may i know how to unhide the columns not able to get the options?? i tried my best…

Slide the table columns you will be able to see it…First resize the ID col the the run with will come in the view.

Which OS?

yes i got it now. thanks for rply.
But now new issue is occurring i am not getting any browser option to play the test suites, there is only one option browser services is showing??

@Abhishek_Kumar_Gupta. I tried readjusting columns in Generic project but I am still not able to see option below are details. Can you please help?

Hi @paksmanzoor as you are using the test suite so it will not give option to run with.
But if you use test suite collection and add test suite into it then it will provide you the option .

Thanks a lot @Abhishek_Kumar_Gupta. Now I can see the Run with options in Test Suites Collection.

One more question