UX Bug in 6.1.2 - UI Columns set to Zero Width (was Run With property of Test Suite Collection is no longer there in v6.1.2.)

In the v5.10.1, a Test Suite Collection had “Run With” property per each constituting Test Suites. We could specify (switch) which Browser to use to invoke Test Suites. See the screenshot.

When I open the same project (which was created using v5.10.1) using the v6.1.2 I saw the “Run WIth” property is still there.

And I created a new project using the v6.1.2, I noticed that a Test Suite Collection does not have “Run With” property any longer. See the screenshot.

@Katalon team,

Let me ask 2 questions

Q1 In v6.1.2, Test Suite Collections does not have "Run With " property any longer. Is it an intended design change? What was the reason why you did it?

Q2 In the GUI mode when I execute a Test Suite Collection (without Run With property), which browser does Katalon Studio choses?

Q3 When I executed my Test Suite Collection on my PC in the GUI mode as an experiment, Firefox was chosen. Then how can I switch to choose Chrome to execute the Test Suite Collection? I could do it easily in v5.10.1. Then how to in v6.1.2?

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Some thing strange happening with your 6.1.2 Kaz…

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Thank you, Russ.


I noticed the border line between ID column and Profile column is a little bit thicker than others. I carefully selected the border line and pulled it right, then Run Configuration column appeared.

The border line looked still thick. I selected it and pulled, then Run With column finally appeared.

How come 0 width columns can be? Are we playing hide and seek?

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Certainly a UX bug. I’m moving this.

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I realized my misunderstanding.

I created 2 projects using v6.1.2. One project is for testing Web UI. Another project is for testing Web Service. You are requested to choose which type of project to create.

Test Case Collection in the project of Web UI testing has columns of “Run with” and “Run Configuration” as shown in the following screenshot

On the other hand, Test Case Collection in the project of Web Service testing does NOT have columns of “Run with” and “Run Configuratio” as shown in the following screenshot.

I was not aware of this spec difference. Now I understand it, will remember it.

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@kazurayam I’m closing this. If that’s a problem, let me know. :slight_smile:

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