Unable to change environment to run with when using Test Suite Collections

Hi all,

I’m fairly new to Katalon but I have tried tirelessly to fix this issue. When running a test suite collection, I am unable to alter the ‘Run with’ column. It is by default on Web Service and has no other options such as Chrome etc.

I have changed my project settings and made the default execution Chrome, but have still had no luck. I am on a Macbook Pro.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I will need to run tests on android devices later.

I understand that you find, in the setup dialog of your test suite collection, in “Run with” column, “Web Service” only.

Am I right?

It is because you have initially created your project as a “Web Service” project. You chose “API/Web Service” as the Type of your project.

In a project of Type “Web Service”, you can not choose Chrome for “Run with”, by specification.

You should recreate a project while selecting “Web” as the Type.