ChromeDriver for Chrome 123.0.6312.59

I’m facing an issue with my Chrome browser. It has automatically updated to version 123.0.6312.59, and I’ve been using Chromedriver for Katalon Studio version 123.0.6312.58, which is causing compatibility issues. Unfortunately, I cannot revert Chrome to version 123.0.6312.58 as it automatically updates to 123.0.6312.59. Could anyone from the community please suggest a solution or workaround for this compatibility issue? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Hi Amina,

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We are sorry to hear that you are encountering compatibility issues with the ChromeWebDriver. I will be looping in my colleagues here @xuan.tran and @Elly_Tran so that they can take a look at your issue.



try manually downgrading the driver and check once

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Can you please help delete and reinstall the Chrome browser? And can you please give us more information such as Katalon version using, your OS, any error log or warning you have… ?

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I am facing the same issue. The current chrome web driver is not compatible with the latest chrome browser version.
Can you give us any other solution instead of uninstalling the chrome and install again.


Hi @waqas
if you navigate to your c: users folder you can find a chrome driver folder. please download the driver and place it there and try execute your script

or you can download the chrome for testing zip and unzip it here

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I can’t find any folder named as “chromedriver”.

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please check inside this folder


Hi,My Katalon was pointing to a folder named chromedriver_win32. But when I checked my path after replacing webdriver, I found a folder named chromedriver-win32 (with a dash followed by 6). I need to rename the folder (with a dash followed by 8). Issue resolved for me."


Hi @waqas ,

Can you please check if you faced the same issue as @amina.faiz ? Thank you!