Chrome - Loading of unpacked extensions disabled by the admin, for IE - need add on for IE

Hi All,
while doing spyweb (chrome) getting an error as Loading of unpacked extensions is disabled by the administrator?, Full error path is "Failed to load extensions from: "path where I have saved the installer file/configuration\resources\extenstions\chrome\object spy…is it referring to chrome files placed in "“C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” - I tried to change the path to other editable path… But when we do spyweb, katalon will launch chrome browser, from where it will launch? how tool will know from which path it has to trigger chrome?

Also I have tried to do SpyWeb on IE and I got below message, It seems installation is not happening? where can i get the add on to install separately? is it part of downloaded software

The katalon spy add - on for IE is required to continue. Katalon Studio will start installation for it now. please enable the add - on and try again after setup is completed


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I’m also facing the same issue while using Object spy. The same error appeared while executing the scripts and i have added some custom capabilities for Chrome as per the solutions provided here but not sure how to solve this for Object spy.

Anybody please help, Is there any way to make it work without loading the extensions for Object spy as it is blocked by client admin.

Our Company shares a similar fate.

I can’t tell you if that is the same behaviour in IE, cause i received errors in the execution of default webui-items and didn’t look deeper in it.

But for Chrome we wrote an bug-ticket on Github:

Current Result: Katalon Studio v7.4.0 can’t execute chrome extensions in Google Chrome v83, when there is an active whitelist. You need to wait for an newer Version which supports it.

Cause: chrome extensions are loaded local from a folder (unpacked).
In comparison the Firefox extension is working (packed and signed).

I would recommend to leave this thread as it is and write an comment on the bug-ticket above too.
That should increase the significance of this error better an should lead to an accelerated resolution.

Hi everyone,

The issue of loading unpacked extensions on Spy, Record, Smart Wait features is currently resolved by Katalon Compact Utility.
Please find its information here:

Thank you all for your attention,
Nam Nguyen.