Record with Chrome using Packed Extension (pre-release)

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When executing tests in Chrome in a security restricted environment, I have also the same error : “Loading the unpacked extension is disabled by the administrators.” If I close the error popup, test seems to execute properly. But I have to close the popup every single time I execute test, otherwise the test doesn’t even start.

So is this extension usefull in that case too ?

Hi @marc.etienne-prestat,

In this document, we mentioned that we already published Katalon Web Recorder to prevent unpacked extension issues while recording actions.
In case you run the test, this may be related to Katalon Smart Wait. Please disable Smart Wait in Project Settings/Execution/Web UI.

Thanks @duyluong,
It’s good to know, but unfortunately, disabling Smart Wait can make the test fail at runtime.

Thank you and yes I see it in the Chrome Store (link below), but how do i download the actual executable file and use it to install on a windows machine on a closed network, i need the actual executable/install file because my other machine does not have access to the internet - appreciate any help you can provide, thanks
Katalon Record Utility - Chrome Web Store (

Hi everyone,

The issue of loading unpacked extensions on Spy, Record, Smart Wait features is currently resolved by Katalon Compact Utility.
Please find its information here:

Thank you all for your attention,
Nam Nguyen.