Can't use our KSE licence since today (Studio Entreprise)

Operating System

Windows 10

Katalon Studio version

version 8.4.x 8.5.x

Since this morning we simply can’t use our Katalon Studio with Entreprise licence as we’ve done these past months, and we can’t understand what to do. We’ve tried various things on the Support Portal System.

It started with a «This package is incompatible with you licence. Dowmload Platform edition and try again» message. Then by removing/re-adding access the the KSE licence one of my colleague seems to be able to be connected with an active KSE.

For two others we can now connect, but no KSE licence actived despite having one.

And I’m not able to open a support ticket despite being admin of my group and having an Entreprise licence, so I post here.

Is there any relation with the new Platform thing ? Is there something wrong with our organisation configuration ? (

Help is sorely needed.

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Hi @Frederic_Canovas1, thank you for sharing this with us. Given you are our paid user, have you raised a support ticket via Katalon Help Center? I will check with the support team for this concern. Thank you.

Hi @Frederic_Canovas1

From what you provided, I guess your company is onboarding new members and they registered for new user accounts while some members uses KSE on previous versions.

First of all, we acknowledge that friction and we’re trying to remove it in next releases. Please stay patient!

In the mean time, here’s the solution. You need to grant new people the right to use KSE in so they can use the Standalone versions. Otherwise, they should use Platform Edition while waiting for the fix.

Thank you for your patience,


I’ve been able to reach them via mail and they rectified my situation, so now I have access to ticket system.

For reference the problem was :

It turns out that the reason why I cannot submit a case was because of a duplication of my account - same mail, same name, but different account name (organization). Katalon support team had to keep only the one I choosed as the good one.

That’s the workaround we’re currently using, but we can’t use Entreprise edition functionnalities for now.