Cannot activate Katalon version 6.3.3

I am doing a new Katalon installation (v6.3.3), after openning the APP it asks for mail and a password for activation but it is failing (it says usuer/pass are incorrect).

It would seems like the activation system/servers are down, YET forum says one can activate any katalon versions until 2020/04 (April of 2020).

*Offline activation is only avaiblable for version 7+ (so this one does not work).

I suppose have a look at this thread: Sunset of older KS versions

The grace period looks like it ended over two months earlier than originally told.

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Now feeling even more stabbed-in-the-back that I was last month.

I’ve been evaluating the impact the downgrade (and it is a downgrade) of KS v6.3.3 to KS v7… and now find that re-activating my 6.3.3 installation doesn’t work. And it’s still a month to go before they stated they’d prevent any new activations.

Katalon - you’re rapidly becoming my new contender for Evil Corp 2020…

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