Version 6.3.3 to 7.6.6

Hello - not sure if I missed something, but it seems like I’m stuck and can’t open either version now.

  1. The old version, 6.3.3, is asking me to activate again (after a year or so of using the application). However, I can’t seem to activate the older version any more. If I close out of the activation, the entire application closes. How can I continue using the older version?

  2. I downloaded the new version (macOS). I attempted to open it and the icon jumps for a second and then closes. No messages, nothing. If I am able to get the newer version to work, is there an upgrade path to get all of my testing automations working in the new version?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @justin

  1. The Katalon team already sunset Katalon Studio version 6.x. After April 30, 2020, no activation is possible.
  2. For installing Katalon Studio on macOS, please see this guide.

Speaking of my experience with macOS, you properly should drag and drop Katalon Studio to the Application folder.

Hope it helps.


Thanks, Jass.

Yep, understand that the old version was sunset and activations can’t happen any longer, but I was already activated and all of the sudden, it’s asking for me to activate again. It’s weird. So, because it’s sunset, I’m unable to activate again and now can’t access the application.

With installing the new version, I did drag and drop the application into the Application folder and gave it permissions to open and run. However, the application never opens. It attempts to, no notice, and just quits.