What happens to an activated Katalon version 6.3.3. after April 2020

The “Future of Katalon”-Post says version 6 is going to be available for download and activation until April 2020.

But it is not entirely clear to me what happens to the version 6 installation that I activated already once we pass April 2020.

Will it just stop working or will I be able to keep using it?

Sincere Regards

Hi @Dustin.Zimmermann

Activated 6.x will continue working, but any attempt to activate a 6.x version after that point in time will not be successful.

It is saying that we can not activate the 6.x version after April 2020 but I am not able to activate that right now too. Can someone help me to activate that.

@arun_gusain nope. The activation server for 6.x is already down.

Can I activate katalon 7 after april using my personal mail id??

You’ll probably just end up with the free Katalon studio and not a trial version of KSE, unless you end up paying for KSE