Can I read from a .txt in Kalaton Recorder?

Hi friend’s, I currently have a script setup in Katalon Recorder to automate some web-page thing’s to make my life a lot easier at work. I’m just running into one problem, I need to fill out some forums automatically; I have the data saved line for line in a .txt file. Is it possible to read from the .txt file and save each line individually into Kalaton Recorders memory so I can then call it in the value field? for ex: ${line1} ${line2} .etc?
Thank you for the help.


Currently KR only supports for CSV and JSON format (Data-driven testing in Katalon Recorder | Katalon Docs). Can you parse it to JSON file?

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CSV files are effectively just text files with a .CSV file extension.

Each entry in a CSV file is separated by a comma (thus the name Comma Separated Values), and each new line is equivalent to a new row.

The ‘column headers’ can be set by defining these columns on the first line of the text file.

For example: