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Hi all

I have a website to which I am using Katalon Recorder and I have created a test that puts the data I have entered in the Value field of the test in each of the fields of the form that I am testing

I would like to know if with Katalon Recorder I could upload a file with different data of the form or I would have to do several Test case, one for each form that I want to fill out. I want to check how the web behaves with a massive load of data

I also wanted to ask if Katalon Recorder supports loading an xlm file or any other type

Many thanks


Thank you for using our product.

At this moment Katalon Recorder supports loading data from CSV files. I think there should be tools to convert XML files to CSV format.

For the usage, please see GitHub - katalon-studio/katalon-recorder-samples: Samples for Katalon Recorder.

If you need advanced data-driven testing features (e.g. loading data from database), please check out Katalon Studio (which is also free).

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