Katalon Recorder: reading from file and splitting the data

I’m using katalon recorder to test our web application. Unfortunately we are not allowed to use Studio. So I have a JSON file that has an array of objects that I want to import to katalon recorder but I am not sure how i can use those specific array values. For example, my json file is something like this:
“type”: “case”,
“version”: [
“number”: 2,
“status”: open,
“data”: 06/06/2009
“number”: 12,
“status”: closed,
“data”: 01/02/2010

I’m using assertVal to verify in the UI that the value there matches the value in the version array. For example this is what I did, which didn’t work.
assertEval | locator path| ${version.number} // trying to access the version number 2 first, then after done, it should access the version number 12

I thought about instead of putting the values in an array, to separate by comma and try to split but now sure how to do that in the recorder version. I can even use csv file instead of json if there is a better way. Any help is appreciative!

Hi, I never used JSON file in Katalon so I can’t help You with this file, but if You can have Your data in csv file please look at this: