Can I create a project without linking a Git/Other Repo?

Hi Community,

I am trying to create another project for a work-related assignment. The version of Katalon studio I am using is 8.5.1. When trying to create a project I am being asked to assign a Git/similar repo to link the project to. Due to privacy reasons, I am not allowed to perform this at this time. I have to create a new project to demo to direct report.
Is there any way to create the new project without linking to a repo for this version?

Hi @syahilan.selvarajoo,

Welcome to our Katalon Community. This problem can be fixed by using our standalone version. you can find the download link in TestOps

Or download here: Katalon Studio Free Download | Katalon

Please let me know if this works for you.

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@vu.tran Thank you. This solved it. Will the standalone version be supported moving forward?

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Hi @syahilan.selvarajoo, yes the standalone version is being supported actively for all users. I’ll keep you posted for further information.

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