I can´t open a local katalon project anymore?

Hi, I’ve been using Katalon studio for years, and just open my projects locally via “Open Project”.

Recently this is no longer possible and I have to specify a git repo etc.? Am I doing something wrong or am I really forced to do this all via git repos now?

And if so, why?

I think you have recently upgraded Katalon Studio to v8.5.x Platform edition.

As of Katalon Studio Platform Edition (V8.5.0) you can not create a new project in Katalon Studioseriously; I am not joking.

Instead, you have to start with TestOps to create a new project; and then you open the project in Katalon Studio. That’s the way how Katalon team wants you to follow. See the following instruction:

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You may prefer Standalone Edition:

You can create a project in Katalon Studio - Standalone Edition just as you could with older versions.

Or go back to the older versions 8.4.x at


You just saved my day, good sir :wink: Thank you very much!

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I faced the same issue a while back. You can download the previous version from GitHub. I would suggest download 8.5.0


I think you made a typo.

You want 8.4.1, don’t you?

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Yes my mistake 8.5.0 not 8.5.1. 8.5.0 also will not force to open project using git.

Really? I didn’t know that.

… In fact, I stay with v8.3.0. I find very little reason to upgrade.