First Time user and Still in Trial

Hi Guys,

First time user. Still in Trial phase. I have gone through some of the training videos and they all have “Create New Project” Option in the Studio.

I don’t have this option. I also can’t see it if I go the File->New menu.

Have looked in the webportal and I can create a project there. However, it demands a repository and no matter what I do I can’t add in any type of repository.

The only Repository it gives me is the default with all the junk in it. Would love to be able to

a) not use any respository that is remote
b) be able to start my project

Thanks in advance!

I suppose you are possibly using the latest version of Katalon Studio - Platform Edition (ver 8.5.1).

Just recently Katalon Studio 8.5.0 introduced a fundamental design change. Unfortunately published training videos and tutorials are not yet revised to cope with it. Therefore you are confused.

Possibly you can not wait for the training materials to be updated. Then you would want to try older versions (8.4.x or older). With the older version, you would see “Create New Project” option as the training videos show.

You can download the older version at:

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Thanks Kazurayam!

I got around this by creating a public Github Project with a text file in it, and hence able to set a branch.

When it came to connecting to the project in studio, I gave it random credentials again (Because no credentials seem work anyways). It as able to query it, noted it was blank, and hence setup a local copy with all the expected folders.

To backup my work I can navigate to the local copy and plonk that anywhere I want, even works when it comes to commandline.

So I am happy now :slight_smile:


Can be closed!!

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