Bugs and suggestions

This automation recorder is looking like it could be a great alternative since Selenium IDE doesn’t run in Firefox anymore. Shows a lot of promise and good ideas, but there are a lot of things that need buttoning up. I realize this was a hackathon project, and some of these might already be known issues, just wanted to report what I’ve found:

  • Clicking “Add” to add a new command, the empty command is added to the bottom of the LAST test case in the Suite. It should add the empty command in the same test case you are working in, directly below whatever command you had selected.
  • Add key functionality - ctrl+c copy, ctrl+v paste, ctrl+z undo, etc
  • Save option or indication that something was auto-saved – I keep seeing a star next to the test case name, indicating there are unsaved changes, but no obvious way to actually save the changes. Should also add ctrl+s to save.
  • Meatball context menu on an opened test suite or test case does not always close when clicked away from
  • Do not drag and rearrange the commands or test cases unless I click on the left where the 4-way arrow shows. I keep trying to select a command, accidentally holding down my mouse a split second too long, and dragging the item instead. There’s no need to make the whole area click-and-draggable when you explicitly have the control on the left


  • Add pause and step-through options while executing
  • Right-click context menus on test cases and commands to put actions in easy reach

Awesome and valuable feedback!

Those features are indeed more then welcome… :smile:

+1 :thumbsup:

Along with the breakpoints, a Start point function would be great. Unless I am just overlooking something, if a test fails and I make the needed correction, I have to start the test from the top each time.

Command setSpeed doesn’t work. We have no influence to execution speed.

Also I suggest to add set speed option while executing the test cases.

Hi. I do not know where to post this, so I will do this here. Does Katalon Recorder support Globbing or Regex?
I try to do the following:
open http://www.software-testing-tutorials-automation.com/
verifyTitle glob:Software * tutorials * automation

And I get the error:
[ERROR] Actual value ‘Software testing tutorials and automation’ did not match ‘glob:Software * tutorials * automation’

Any ideas? I have the same, when I use regex.

How am I supposed to do patterns?

THX for the help Oliver

Hi all,

Thank you for using Katalon Automation Recorder and Sorry for the late response.

@Kristi @“Sean Sparks” @“Lucjan Kwaśniak”
Katalon team very much appreciate your time and effort in providing valuable feedback. The latest version of Katalon Automation Recorder has been released on both FF and Chrome store. In this version, Katalon team:
- Fixed Add command issue as you mentioned
- Remove context menu and replaced with control icon

As for other great suggestions, I have logged tickets to the development queue for further discussion. Thank you guys so much!

I will reach out to the development team for the solution and will let you know as soon as I have more information to share!


I think there is a bug when you navigate to some page on recorder it adds ‘Navigate to URL’ item in scenario only when you click on some element on page (it adds navigate and then click). I think it should add that item when the page is loaded.

Also the items for validation points should be available as soon as page, on which those elements are presented, is loaded

I would need a possibility to save the relative project folder path to a variable in order to be able to upload files and save screenshots.