Browser based recorder not recording tests properly


I have installed ffmpeg in my docker file as below:
RUN apt-get install unzip ffmpeg -y && a=$(uname -m) && rm -r /tmp/chromedriver/ || true && mkdir /tmp/chromedriver/ -p &&
latest=88.0.4324.96 &&
wget -O /tmp/chromedriver/ ‘

RUN echo “$PATH:$(which ffmpeg)” > /etc/environment
RUN cat /etc/environment

When i choose the setting only failed test cases it does not record my failed tests:

And when i choose “All Test cases” it only records the first test case.

Is anyone else facing this issue?
Hope to get an answer on this.Thanks

Any update on this please.
I cannot get videos of my tests for neither chrome and chrome headless when using browser based recorder.

what am i doing wrong?


This is a basic feature which should have worked in an automated tool. Unless i am doing something wrong which can not be right as i atleast got the video of the first test case, i dont think this is actually working. Whats the purpose of this forum if no one going to reply? I know everyone busy but its been two weeks already.

Hi Anuradha,

Thanks for reaching out.

Since we need to have more details to investigate the issue, it may be sensitive information you don’t want to show publicly. Therefore, please consider submitting a ticket on the Katalon Zendesk; our Customer Support team will support that case with more information from your side.

I hope that you will consider it.

Yours sincerely,

Hi @linh.nguyen,

Honestly i dont think its something difficult to replicate.
We have got another case here:

It was me who started the issue but we have other people getting it.
Anything in docker,jenkins not producing video correctly.
And the browser based recorder does not work in chrome as well.
The browser based need to work for both normal and headless chrome.
If you need any other info you can let me know. I dont have any sensitive info to share as this is not working at all. The video is blank.