Record Browser-based Videos

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I found a simpler solution to install “ffmpeg” for Windows using “scoop” and “powershell”.

  1. Launch “Windows Powershell”
  2. Install “scoop” - enter this cmd in powershell: iex (new-object net.webclient).downloadstring(‘’)
  3. Install “ffmpeg” - enter this cmd in powershell scoop install ffmpeg

If the user has permissions then the ffmpeg is installed in three commands. Path is also automatically updated.

I do not get video since I upgraded to katalon 8.2.0

I only get a folder video with file, but no video file

here is my config :

ffmpeg is still well installed in my desktop :

I searched for error messages in katalon logs but found nothing with video or ffmpeg keywords…

Hi @staniere,

You can enable the trace level to get more information by adding this line to the config file and see what is happening with the Browser-based Recording during the execution.

The commands to build a docker image with ffmpeg using the Dockerfile are not working.

Unable to locate package.???