Video not created with Browser-based Video Recorder (failing test)

I’m using KS v with an active KSE trial and launching a suite collection in headless mode, which on purpose will fail,
in order to obtain a Browser-based Video Recorder during headless execution in chrome, but the video isn’t created.
Am I missing something?

Have you installed ffmpeg?

But even if it has been installed i have not been able to use it as it only records the test when the browser is opening and for the rest of the videos the tests does not get recorded.

If you are able to make it work do let me know.

Thank you

thanks for your response, I had installed FFmpeg, but even so, no video is created.
Someone any idea how to resolve this issue?

HI, does anybody how to be bale to record a video with headless chrome by having active in execution option ‘Browser based recorder’, it’s important to be able to do this because we’re thinking about acquiring licences for KSE and KRE, but this issue must be resolved firstly.
Any help will be very appreciate!