Bitwise operators in binary statement item

Hello ,

I want to calculate the result of the following operation c = a & b but i can’t find anyway to do it in manuel view .

Is there any way to achieve this in the manuel view ?

I tried using a binary statement inside another binary statement but binary statements don’t have the & operator

Katalon Team would be surprised to hear that you require Java Bitwise operators in the Manual view which is designed for non-programmers.

Why not you use the script view?


i’m a programmer i never needed it before i always used the script mode it’s much faster(sometimes easier) :smile:.
But now non programmers will be taking over so i’m writing a document detailing the test creation process it’s for them to follow and i don’t want them to go into script mode (it might confuse them and they will keep asking me Question :sweat_smile:)

Write a custom keyword that handles a single bitwise comparison.

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thank you ,

Thats what i did after all , but i thought it’s weird because it has shift operators but not and/or/xor operators

Not true…

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@yoyox98 don’t forget to include links to groovy and java tutorials in your hand-over document. just to avoid further questions :slight_smile:

i meant in the gui

Are these not the groovy shift operators ? i haven’t tested them so i’m not sure but if they are they should include the other operators too

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Better yet ,links and the description of each operator :wink:

groovy official doc is pretty nice with beginers, has lot of examples. add a bit of tutorialspoint and you are set

I suppose that non-programmers would be confused even in the Manual view. They will keep on asking you questions anyway. Good luck!