Unable to input arguments on a method call, or input a class static method, in Manual Mode

I use Test Case Variables as well as Global Variables.

Inputting/changing values in Script View is a nightmare, as I have to spell out the fully-qualified path name of a class, just to access a field or method on that class…

I want to change it in the Manual View!

When I try, it works for fields, but NOT for methods!

How I try to do it:

  • double click the value cell
  • click on the value cell on the “Edit Variable” modal
  • double click the input cell

Here’s screenshots of the process:

Input modal is EMPTY!! Not even the "Demo practice5" is there!

Dismissing the modal to single-click the input cell doesn’t work either :roll_eyes:

Also, when I click the Method cell, none of the class methods are there! :unamused:

I am on Katalon Studio Enterprise version 8.5.1

How about try an experiment? On one of your methods that is not static, and not “private”, add the phrase, @Keyword, above the method name, like:

	public void getUploadFile(TestObject to, String filePath) {

After doing this, save the Keyword.

Now, try to see if you can see this method via the Script view.

Edit: I should also warn you about NOT moving between Script view and Manual view after changing a line in Script view. If you do switch between Script view to Manual view after changing a line, your page on Manual view may be (will be) formatted differently than you had it. There are a number of discussions about this formatting change within this forum.

I’m sorry…see the Keyword in Script View?

@grylion54 what do you mean by this?

Oops. Yeah, that should be Manual view. What I was thinking is that you can get a list of your Custom Keywords if you have the “@Keyword” above your method (this is the needed flag), then you can use the “Add” dropdown on the Manual tab (it’s found just above the first row) and then select “Custom Keyword” and it will show your whole list of methods. Now, you don’t want to be flipping between the Script and Manual tabs on your Test Cases, so I have a “dummy” test case that I do this on and then copy and paste to my current working case. I also have a third-party app (I use Komodo Edit because I liked it back in version 7.2, but version 12 is only okey-dokey), but there are lots of other apps to choose from) that I use to search the Test Cases and Keywords for what I need.

Now, KS “guesses” a reference for my parameters based on object type (often wrong) but I get the correct number of parameters that are used for my methods (even if I have overloaded the various methods, but it’s on me to select the correct one).

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I’m sorry for this really late reply.

After circling back to this to re-try it, it isn’t working. My getPracticeProfile method appears nowhere in the dropdown list, only the built-in Groovy/Java methods are there.

@Elly_Tran what should we do about this issue?