Can you please provide more example on how to write binary statements in katalon studio?

I have found only one example for binary statement can anyone please provide more examples in script mode or any link where i can refer.?

What do you mean by “binary statement”?
Could you share the URL of the example you found?

def answer = 42

In Katalon, that is a binary statement, but I have no idea why:

  1. It’s an assignment expression more than it is a statement (IMV)
  2. It’s no more “binary” than expressing anything else on a (modern) computer.

Manual View is confusing.
‘binary statement’ basically is … whatever is not a keyword, a loop or a decision bloc.
So it can be everything written in groovy or plain java.
My advice is to avoid it completely and stay with the script view, you will have a better understanding of what your test-case is doing