Basic Report Plug-in is not re-loading in KSE Version:8.0.0

Hi Team,
can you please look into the below issue with basic report plug-in .
Basic report plug-in is not reloading today even though status is active when we do reload plug-ins but it was working till yesterday.
Any quick response on this will help us since we are facing an issue with reports.

KSE Version:8.0.0 on Linux OS


@duyluong we are using KSE 8.0.0 on Linux OS as you suggested on the previous ticket, .Can you please help to resolve the basic report plug-in issue.

Hi Team,

can you please help on this ticket as 6 KSE licenses are obsolete now without reporting plug-in. Please let me know if service ticket is required to get response from you.



Have you submitted a ticket to our Zendesk ? It’s a dedicated channel to subscribe licensed users.

@ThanhTo Thanks for your reply , yes, raised ticket, and the issue got resolved with the workaround provided by the team.

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Glad that it worked for you !