I have installed the 'basic report plugin' in my account. But, when I click on 'reload plugin', it's not showing up in the app.

I have installed the ‘basic report plugin’ in my account. But, when I click on ‘reload plugin’, it’s not showing up in the app.

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Can you try to reinstall the same plugin using the method in the documentation below:

Installing plugin offline in Katalon Studio | Katalon Docs.

Please let us know if you are still having this problem.



Have a look at the Change Log of the Basic Report plugin:

1.0.8 16 Sep 2020 - In version 7.7+, this plugin is installed automatically for all users.

This means that the “Basic Report” feature is NOT really pluggable since 16 Sep 2020. The “Basic Report” is bundled in the Katalon’s binary distribution. You are likely to see something strange if you try to uninstall & reinstall the plugin. So you should not try it.

Let me tell you a little history. When Katalon introduced “Katalon Store” a few years ago, they transformed the “Basic Report” from a built-in module to be a plugin module. That was the very 1st plugin listed in the “Katalon Store”. However, many users complained about it. They argued that the Basic Report is a mandatory function; why do we have to install it separately. … Later, Katalon changed it back to be a built-in module.

It is a shame that the web page “the Basic Report plugin” is still there. This page just confuses people including @preethapv0201.