Basic report Plugin is not visible in Katalon studio

  • Katalon Studio Version: 8.1.0
  • OS Version: Windows 10
  • Browser Version: Version 92.0.4515.159 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Install basic report then click reload plugin in katalon studio

Expected behavior:
Basic report plugin should be visible in Katalon studio


Not able to see basic report plugin

Already Installed plugin
Note - Using same account to install and to reload plugins

Any help would be appreciated!
Thank You!

Can anybody please help me here?

You shouldn’t worry about this.

In ver 6.x, Basic report was a built-in feature. At ver 7.0.x “Plugin” mechanism was introduced and the Basic Report was turned to be a typical “Plugin”. Since then users were asked to install the plugin additionally.

However, requesting people to install the Basic Report Plugin did not benefited people, but caused some confusions. So, as of version 7.7.x, the Basic report is bundled in all Katalon Studio distribution and is ready for use.

In the “Reload Plugin” dialog, Basic Report will not be displayed. Why? Just by design. You are not supposed to install/uninstall it. So you don’t need to see Basic Report in the Reload Plugin dialog, do you?

Possibly we should no longer call it as “Basic Report Plugin”. We should rather call it just “the built-in Basic Report”.

Thanks for updating !

But I have some other issue. I am running test suite collection from Jenkins where two test suites are present inside the TS collection. Earlier it used to give me CSV, PDF and HTML report for both the test suites but now it is giving only for test suite one. Can you pls help me here?

-> @ThanTo,
Any idea?

I do not understand what you say. I have no such experience.

You should share more of concrete information so that others can reproduce your case on their own PC.

It would be best if you make a zip of the problematic project and share it with step by step instruction to reproduce your findings. You should clearly describe what you expected to see and what you actually see with concrete file names.

Hi ,
Please find below screenshot -

This is a folder structure of Katalon test suite collection report -
Here, Demo TS One is generating csv, html and pdf files but there are no such files available in Demo TS Two folder.

Below is the Email setting for my project -

Thank You!

Project > Settings > Email is not the place where you configure which format of report you want Katalon Studio to generate.

Project > Settings > Plugins > Report is the place where you configure KS which format of reports to generate. You should check the doc

I had already configured this setting. forgot to mention earlier.

I checked my project. In there HTML, CSV, PDF reports are generated as configured. I have no idea why you have problem as mentioned.