Automating Dynamics 365 with Katalon

Can Katalon Studio automate Dynamics365? and how?

Here is the demo from our Solution Engineers team Katalon Demo and Integration - Katalon Academy hope this helps!

Thank you for your demo, it shows interaction with Dynamics 365, however, this does not address my issue. can Katalon interact with Dynamics365 directly or do I need to third party package to plugged into Katalon to interact with D365. Thanks

How this is ‘not addressing your issue’?
The demo shows that, Katalon can interract with that app through the web browser and perform whatever actions.
What else do you need more?
Already made code? Keep dreaming or start to learn web-testing.

Hi, what do you mean by keep dreaming? I hope the remark was on lighter mode. :slightly_smiling_face:
I was hoping for an answer that Katalon does work with D365 directly and does not require any other plugins like Microsoft EasyPrePro as advised by Katalon.

Is already proved that, Katalon can interract with the app through the web browser.
Whatever else is shown in the demo are test objects and scripts made by the author.
I did not see any third party plugin or voodoo.
So, yet again, what else do you need?

I use Katalon with Dynamics 365 both on Prem and in cloud. It works very well. I used a heavily modified version of GitHub - 13rice/EasyRepro-Katalon: EasyRepro conversion to Groovy for use in Katalon Studio to ease the development and repeatability of my test cases. I have written complete end-to-end business workflow tests using CRM teams/roles.


Thank you danpoleary, thank you for the GitGub link, I will check it out. :slight_smile:

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Hi Dan

Do you think you could write a Tips article that covers the basics?


Hi Dan,
I was looking for help on how to integrate EasyPrePro with Katalon, I will look at your modified version and will get some pointers.

My modified version is not published, It is something I would like to do soon. The base version from github is a great starting point.

The issue with CRM is that when using the recorder to capture objects, it captures the wrong one, and you have to manually modify each captured object. I modified EasyRepro with new methods to walk the tree and find the correct object using the original recorder captured object. As @Russ_Thomas mentioned above, I will endeavor to write a Tips article, and will create a fork of the EasyRepro with my changes.